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Energy Policy



We are committed to continually improve the energy performance of our:

  • ·       Forging
  • ·       Machining
  • ·       Heat Treatment facilities
  • ·       Associated operations


By using energy in:

  • ·       Most efficient 
  • ·       Cost effective 
  • ·       Safe and environmentally responsible manner 


The Management is committed to continually improve the effectiveness of Energy Management System; as per guidelines of ISO 50001 by:


1.   Providing all necessary resources e.g. human, information, education, technology etc.

2.   Complying with applicable legal requirements and other requirements related to energy performance.

3.   Providing active communication system within the organization at all levels. 

4.   Purchasing energy efficient products and services.

5.   Designing for energy performance improvement.

6.   Providing healthy environment for the employees and surrounding; by reducing pollution; associated with energy use.

7.   Reviewing energy policy and objectives; at least once a year for continuing suitability.

8.   Energy Policy is communicated to all interested parties.