Expertise Across the Manufacturing Sector

The Ravi Group is a major multi-disciplined provider of engineering components, services and knowledge, delivering solutions to the broad equipment manufacturing sector, particularly the automotive and agricultural industries across Pakistan.
The Group Success is driven by more than 68 years of experience with 8 companies operating in the fields of the automotive sector, OEM manufacturing and technical training.  The Group enjoys a reputation of corporate responsibility, operational excellence, innovative tech applications and leveraging of new business opportunities for sustainable profitable growth.
Our values reflect and build on our shared, group-wide leadership understanding and forms the basis for excellent management. By implementing and living up to our values, we have realized our vision in a sustainable way.


Infinity Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Specialized Manufacturer of  Auto Parts for OEM and Engineering Components including  high precision forging dies, specialized tooling, fixtures and inspection gauges.

Ravi Automobile Pvt. Ltd.

Specialized manufacturer of auto parts for 2, 3 and 4 wheelers. It also manufactures, assembles & distributes its own brand of Motorcyles under the name Ravi Motorcycles.

Infinity Spherocast Pvt. Ltd.

SPHEROCAST has dedicated itself to being the leading casting facility amongst the OEM manufacturers in the country. It also serves as the main foundry for the Ravi Group and its subsidiaries.

Ravi Agric Pvt. Ltd.

Ravi Agric supplies high-tech agricultural mechanization equipment, distribution and advisory solutions in collaboration with leading international manufacturers.


Established with the original aim to provide engineering maintenance services specifically for CNC machines including tools sales and after sales services. ETECH expanded it’s core business to CNC Retrofitting and offering cost effective solutions.

Aska Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Specialized in gear manufacturing. The art of manufacturing gears demands precision and advanced technical skills using specialized gear manufacturing equipment under direct supervision of technically accomplished team.

Energy Saving Solutions

ESS brings Energy Efficient Solution to industries and businesses throughout Pakistan. Modern technologies, top rated energy information system and in depth analytical monitoring system are specialities of ESS.

Infinity School of Engineering

Focuses on imparting vocational and technical training to school dropouts, unemployed youth, existing workers, trainers, and working professionals in the manufacturing, agriculture, and engineering sectors.

Ravi Infinity Foundation

A CSR Initiative by the Ravi Group is to contribute to society where it is needed the most and can change the lives of our people for the better with long-lasting impact.

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