ISO 9001:2015 | IATF 16949:2016 | ISO 14001:2015 |  ISO 50001: 2018


  • Quality is our our first priority.
  • More efficient delivery of products
  • Compliance with legislation & regulations
  • International Standards of excellence
  • Customer satisfaction is our high priority
  • Aim to avoid product recalls & failures
  • Cost effective product solutions
  • Improved environmental performance

Pakistan’s 1st ISO 50001 Certified Company

We enhanced our organization by committing to sustainable energy practices with certification against the updated ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems Standard.

Effective Energy Management Systems (EnMS) helped Infinity Engineering  to establish sustainable processes to improve energy performance. Proper implementation reduced our energy costs and other environmental impacts. The ISO 50001 standard establishes an International Framework for the supply, use and consumption of energy in our organization.

We are consistent with the energy policy and that lead to continual improvement of energy performance.

Infinity ISO 50001 2018 Certification

Ensuring Consistent Performance of Automotive Products

We are Internationally certified company for quality management systems in the specifically automotive industry. We are Internationally qualify to supply our defect free & quality products to automotive industry and IATF 16979 & ISO 9001 Certification is a prove of what we commit and is a sign for our credibility and image.

With better process integration and a continual improvement culture, we are striving higher for customer satisfaction and quality management.

Incorporating Environmental Issues into Business Management

An environmental management system helps organizations identify, manage, monitor and control their environmental issues in a “ holistic ” manner.

We’ve improved company reputation and the confidence of stakeholders throught strategic communication and we are proud to provide a competitive and financial advanage through improved efficiencies and reduced costs.

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